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BiographyPosted by Sophie Rimheden Sun, April 15, 2012 12:52:04
Sophie Rimheden grew up in Bjärnum, Hässleholm located in the north part of Skåne, Sweden. She moved to Stockholm in autumn 1999, the same year as she released her first album as Hayce “Underneath the Floor” (Memento Materia). The music style was trip-hop influenced pop. A couple of years later she started making more experimental music and released an album under her own name; Sophie Rimheden “Hi-Fi” 2003 (Mitek). This was her breakthrough, and the music style drew comparisons such as “Madonna put through a meat grinder”. A completely new style of music was born, and the album won the Manifest reward 2004 as Best Postrock/Electronica Blbum. It was also nominated for other prestigious awards such as Grammis, P3 Guld, and SAMA. Her discography contains three further albums under her own name; “Miss” 2004 (Svedjebruk), "Sophie Rimheden" 2005 (SRP), and "Traveller" 2008 (SRP/Nons License). As is common on Rimheden's albums there is a theme in the music. All four albums have different themes. She is a collaborative artist and enjoys having guest musicians on her albums, examples include: Adam Tensta, Marit Bergman, Kajsa Grytt, Form One, to name but a few. She has participated on different compilations in different contexts. One example is a remix of the bird nightingale “Näktergal” (Ström - Pausfågeln Remixad) 2008. Some of the exclusive singles included in her discography are; “Into Night” 2004 (Ssschuitt), “Red Line” 2005 (Ssschuitt), and her collaboration with the producer Håkan Lidbo “Shout” 2004 (Memento Materia), “Främling” 2005 (Subspace Com.), and her collaboration with singer Annika Holmberg “My Madness” 2006 (SRP). She has also released an EP under iSH (a joint venture with the rapper CK) “Fest” 2007 (Border Music).Together with singer/songwriter Sofia Talvik she has made a Christmas song “Xmas On The Dancefloor”, and a midsummer song “Midsummer Night”. In 2009 she started a new collaboration with the singer Annikafiore (former member of Alcazar) with a cover of a Bruce Springsteen song, and has begun a new project with the singer Anthony Mills titled “Sophie & Mr Mills”.

When not making her own music, she produces scores for dance shows, remixes, produces music for other artists, films, and much more besides. She also teaches future electro artists music production on computers. Sophie has been performing live all over Europe, at festivals and clubs, more to come!

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